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Trips Include:

Captain Hutch supplies all of the following that you need for the trip;

>bait, tackle, rods & reels

> boat, ramp fees, fishing license & insurance

>cooler with ice, plastic bags & fish cleaning

Things you may want to bring:

>polarized sunglasses, protective clothing, hat, non marking shoes & sunscreen


>food, drinks & water

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Boca Grande Fishing Charters Oct/Nov Fishing Report 2014


Spectacular fishing on our Boca Grande Fishing Charters!

Boca Grande & Palm Island fishing has been nothing short of spectacular over the past few weeks and shows no signs of slowing down. 50+ fish days have become the norm as bait is plentiful and the fish are chewing! Redfish, Snook, Trout & Snapper are getting in on the action during all of our Boca Grande Fishing Charters!


The schools of Redfish that are here to spawn are some of the biggest and most plentiful I have seen in the past few years! Schools of 300+ fish can be found and targeted for a full day of fun. These are the breeding fish and have been averaging 30" and 9-10lbs. 30-50 of these reds are being caught per day and will make anyone's arms get a little sore!


The Snook are also in full feeding mode! Heavy chumming will bring them into a feeding frenzy allowing many to be caught per trip! Fish up to 20lbs can be found along with many of the slot and smaller fish!


The snapper bite has continued to be great on every piece of structure in the harbor! They can be caught in good numbers and have been averaging 1-2lbs! Limits have been easy to obtain. If you are looking for food to eat, look no further. Snapper is some of the best table fare around!


On a side note, there are still many tarpon in the harbor and can be targeted with good success! The dark water from the recent rains has made them easy to fool with artificial & live baits! Putting multiple fish in the air has been common!


Gator Flatts charters is a Boca Grande Fishing Charters and Palm Island Fishing Charters service. Pick-ups can be made from several locations including Placida Park, Boca Grande guide docks, Palm Island guide docks & Pine Island marina. Other accomodations can be made at your request. It is our goal to make the entire fishing experience for you as easy as possible!

Providing the Fishing Adventure of a Lifetime!