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Trips Include:

Captain Hutch supplies all of the following that you need for the trip;

>bait, tackle, rods & reels

> boat, ramp fees, fishing license & insurance

>cooler with ice, plastic bags & fish cleaning

Things you may want to bring:

>polarized sunglasses, protective clothing, hat, non marking shoes & sunscreen


>food, drinks & water

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Shark Fishing Charters

Important! All Boca Grande fishing guides are not the same. Captain Hutch is a Florida native who was born and raised on Charlotte Harbor. He has over 30 years experience fishing the waters of Boca Grande & numerous tournament wins to his credit. Captain Hutch guarantees fish on every one of his charters or your money back!

Rates for Boca Grande Shark Fishing Charters

January-April & July-December

4-hour - $550*

6-hour - $750*

8-hour - $950*


May-June (tarpon season)**

6-hour - $900*

8-hour - $1200*

10-hour - $1500*

12-hour - $1800*

* All rates are based on 1-3 anglers - a 4th angler can be added for an additional $100 (there is no extra charge for kids under 10 on Boca Grande fishing charters)

**due to the high demand for Boca Grande tarpon fishing this time of year, all trips are limited to 6+ hours

What are Boca Grande Shark Fishing Charters known for?

Looking for a big bad shark that will give you the fight of your life? Boca Grande and the surrounding waters are the place to come. Home to some of the world's biggest hammerhead sharks as well as aggressive groups of huge bull sharks, Boca Grande will provide you with a drag-screaming thrill. Bull sharks up to 9ft ,weighing over 300lbs, are common during the tarpon run. Hammerheads as long as a boat can be seen and targeted during that time as well.

Sharks of all shapes & sizes can be targeted and even sight-fished with great confidence.

What other species will we catch on our Boca Grande Shark Fishing Charter?

The fun begins with catching the bait. We will catch jacks, ladyfish & bonita to use for bait. We will also fish with a bow & arrow for various species of ray which happen to be high on the sharks wish list. The fun is non-stop on our shark charters.

Many species of shark can be found including - hammerhead, bull, black tip, spinner, lemon, sandbar, sharpnose & nurse. All provide a great test of stength and skill and can be targeted with great confidence throughout the year.

Bait & Tackle

Heavy spinning & conventional tackle with artificial, live, or cut bait.

Boca Grande fishing charters require tackle that not only helps you hook the fish but also help you to successfully land your catch. Quantum & Fin-Nor reels matched with custom Sewell rods are up to the task and are the best in the industry. They are spooled with 50-100lb Power Pro braid & Seaguar flourocarbon leader to make the ultimate shark rigs.

What if I am new to fishing?

Captain Hutch can handle fishermen of all shapes & sizes. If you are just a beginner or even if you want to bring a child on their first trip, don't worry at all. There are opportunities at every corner in the Boca Grande area for all levels of fishing. Rest assured that you will have a great time while learning the basics from one of the best guides in the area. FUN is the number one priority on every trip!

**Remember that communication is the key to a successful fishing trip. Make sure that Captain Hutch knows your expectations so that he can make sure that those become a reality. Please remember that the availablity of species is dependent on many different factors throughout the year and that the most fish will be caught on your trip if we target the species that is biting at that time.

Captain Hutch aims to provide all of his clients with an enjoyable, professional & memorable fishing experience!